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Shuri Ryusen

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  • Expiration date : March 31, 2020

10% OFF coral dyeing / Bingo type dyeing experience

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Comment from the shop

Okinawa's only!
Works of one's own color in the world.
To handmade gifts for loved ones.
To memories of Okinawa travel. You can take it home on the spot.
Dyed workshop "Shuri Ryuudo" built on the hill of ancient city · shuri. Ryuzo is a long-established store of 40 years of founding to convey the dyeing culture of Okinawa. You can experience red-type dyeing and original coral dyeing.
From the ancient times coral has been said to bring happiness to the owner, with happiness, family satisfaction, prosperity prosperity, longevity and wonderful meaning.

Coral dyeing
Using the coral which became a fossil original in the Ryuzo original dyeing, fabrics were selected from many items such as T - shirts, scarfs, wrapping cloths etc, and from experiences with a wide range of age from small children to adults to enjoying while enjoying It is a popular course that can be done.

Bingo style dyed
We offer three varieties of crimson patterns Aso. Use a brush to dye the color. Because the staff will explain the red type dyeing process at the time of visit, beginners can experience with confidence.

■ Experience Coral Dyeing · Experience of Body Red Dyeing (required time: 30 minutes to 40 minutes)
Adult 3,240 yen Child (elementary school student from 2 years old) 2,700 yen
You can take it home on the spot.
※ Coral dyeing, Iron finish at home. Reddish dyeing, washes in water, ironing finish.
※ Anyone can easily finish. (I will hand you the operation manual)
Capacity: Number of people who can experience at one time from 1 person up to 40 people
Material Selection: 【Coral Dyed Experience】 Select T-shirt / Furoshiki / Tote bag
[Red-type dyeing] You can choose from 3 patterns. Material: hemp 36 x 25 cm

Basic Information

Shop Name
Shuri Ryusen
Business Hours
9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Experience time)
Regular Closing Day
7 days a week
Phone Number
1-54 Shuri Sanwagawa-cho Naha-shi, Okinawa
5 minutes on foot from Shuri Castle
Parking Space
Store HP

* Print out and bring the coupon to the facility