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Marine shop Mermaid

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  • Expiration date : March 31, 2020

Early bird rate! !

500 yen OFF by 3 days advance reservation

* Print out and bring the coupon to the facility


Comment from the shop

What is Mizushima (Minnajima)?
Mizushima is a small island with a crescent shape floating in the offshore of the main island of Okinawa main island. It is one of the islands which can be reached on day trips as much as 15 minutes on one way by ferry nearest to the islands around Okinawa. When I get off the ship with a 4-kilometer round, the shining white sand beach that I want to jump in as it spreads spreads and the sea of ​​transparent transparency that I can not compare with the beach in main island is waiting.

Marine Leisure Island in the form of a crescent moon
Let's make memories of this year in Mizushima! !
Enjoy Okinawa with a rich marine sports menu!
Popular ■! Okinawa Mizushima Plan
(With Michijima Round Trip ticket / Meeting place: Watanabe port)
· Special plan
Mizushima Beach Bath & Banana Boat & 2 Point Boat Snorkeling
¥ 9,000 per person (tax included) / child fee (6 years old to 11 years old) ¥ 8,000
· A plan
Water island sea bathing & experience diving or parasailing + boat snorkeling
12,000 yen per person (tax included) / child fee (6 years old to 11 years old) 11,000 yen
· D plan
Mizushima day trip to the beach & boat snorkeling
¥ 6,500 per person (tax included) / child fee (6 years old to 11 years old) 5,500 yen
· E-plan
Mizushima day trip to the beach
¥ 4,000 per person (tax included) / child fee (6 years old to 11 years old) ¥ 3,000

Benefits ①: All plans have BBQ! !
※ Taco rice only from July to September. Curry can be changed to Ryukyu pork bowl
Benefits ②: Beach umbrella 1 with 1 group! !
※ During the stay in Mizusajima
Benefit ③: Memories of Mizushima Tour with photo service

■ Blue cave (meeting place: Misaki Misakado Park)
The blue cave was called so that the water surface in the cave was felt like a very mysterious world like being covered with a blue carpet.
· Snorkel plan ¥ 3,500 per person
· Mei Cape Experience Diving Experience 6,500 yen per person
· Snorkel + experience diving ¥ 9,000 per person

■ Northern part of main island parasailing (off Sesokushima / meeting place: port of Watakane)
· Parasailing Adult Child 6,500 yen
· Parasailing Churaumi Aquarium with tickets
Adult 8,000 yen High school student 7,500 yen Elementary / junior high school student 7,000 yen

Basic Information

Shop Name
Marine shop Mermaid
Business Hours
8: 00 ~ 22: 00
Regular Closing Day
7 days a week
Phone Number
Okinawa Prefecture headquarters town Kenko 35-3
30 minutes by car from Okinawa Expressway Odaka IC to the port
Parking Space
Yes (50 units)

* Print out and bring the coupon to the facility