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Travels to Japan  International Exchanges (Inbound)

Charms of Sightseeing in Hokkaido Europe in Asia

In addition to grand, rich nature and climate which has distinctive four seasons, Hokkaido is rich in landscapes and resources such as clean air, safe and various foods snow and hot springs. Although people in Hokkaido do not communicate in a foreign language smoothly they are open-hearted. So they welcome customers from abroad with “Omotenashi”(or Hospitality”) We have introduced charms of Hokkaido to customers from all over the world by making a plan in which our resources in Hokkaido are included and by making a plan which meet your requests. And we strive to create more peaceful society where people in the world deepen mutual understanding.

Study Training Meeting

【We, Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido ,correspond to various needs of study, training and meeting programs held in Japan.】

Based on the experience and know-how we gained from the management of such programs above, We correspond to any request concerning study, training and meeting programs hosted by government and municipal offices , companies and universities. Our travel arrangement covers hotels (Ryokan,Japanese inns),training facilities all over Japan and parties, excursions during your stay. We will provide a detailed service on “ Safety first” basis to customers from all over the world.

Educational Travel International Exchanges Sister-city Exchanges

【We will arrange tours for Visit Japan Program, Tourism Promotion and Incentive tours】

We, Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido, undertake tour arrangements for Visit Japan Program planned by Hokkaido District Transport Bureau in order to attract incoming travelers visiting Japan and assisting Tourism Promotion, Incentive tours of overseas companies. We introduce charms of Hokkaido in each of the four seasons in our plan.

『 M I C E 』

Meeting ( which has a purpose, is not a sightseeing trip.) ,
Incentive or invitational tour
Convention or International conference ,
Cultural & Sports Event.

These are collectively called “MICE”. And each municipality and affiliated organization work hard in order to attract MICE to their areas. Not only Hokkaido has venues suitable for MICE it has an attractive nature and delicious food, the number of MICE held in here has been increasing in recent years. We, Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido, has worked on MICE actively and assisted many Customers.

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International Division

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