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Company Profile

Business name Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido (the Secretary of Japan Tourism Agency registration travel agency 1674th) Co., Ltd.
※ As for [the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport registration 1674th], a name turned into [the Secretary of Japan Tourism Agency registration travel agency 1674th].
The head office location Minami-1-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi west 4
〒 060-0061 Nippon Travel Agency Sapporo Building 9F
(℡ 011-208-0150)
The establishment 21-Apr-94
Capital 50 million yen
Stockholder Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
Day trip industry Co., Ltd.
JATS Co., Ltd.
Officer President-director  Ochiai Syuji
Director        Shinzaki Tsuyoshi
Director(Absentee) Kida yasuyuki
Director(Absentee) yoshida keigo
Director(Absentee) naoe akihiko
Auditor(Absentee) orui iwao
Office 15 places in Hokkaido
The number of employees 140 people
Business permission General worker dispatch business (No. 01-010060)
Insurance against loss agency business (the 1669595th)
Life insurance agency business (the 61610494th)
Participation group JATA (a company:) Japan Association of Travel Agents)
Business contents We mainly focus on travel business, and also we run the following business.
(1)Travel agency
(2)General worker dispatch business
(3)Insurance against loss agency
(4)A trip-related product, office supplies, sale of the souvenir
(5)Mail order with the catalogue
(6)The sale of the OA apparatus, lease
(7)Real estate management business
(8)Interior decoration fitter business
(9)Sale of the necessities such as hotel hotels
(10)Finance loan, agiotage
(11)Business to accompany The Business Permission List Above

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